(WTF)riday was originally an occasional thing just called WTF, where staff would post their thoughts on a group page. Here is an example of this from former staff Inari; (Issue #17 4/09/10)


But there was to be no issue #18 as Habbo changed WTF to (WTF)riday where staff would pick questions from the players once a week and answer them.

This not only gives Habbo's the opportunity to get to know the staff better, but it also stops a barrier being formed between the staff and the players.

(WTF)riday in it's latest form

Here is an example of (WTF)riday taken from the Habbo news on Friday the 1st of July 2011.

Get your questions answered by the Habbo Staff! WTF(riday)? gives you the opportunity to get your questions answered! Get to know the Hotel Managers better by shooting your queries in their direction (Habbo related or not). Who's their celeb crush? Favorite color? How much wood does a Woodchuck chuck?... you get the gist.

Every Friday Puffin, SmoothCriminal and Fozzie will pick a handful of questions to answer and the lucky winners will score the week's hottest prize. That's right, we're shaking things up a little by handing out a different prize every week!


Well done to the Habbos listed below! You've each scored a Beach Ball! When more than one Habbo sends in the same question, the staff will pick the one they’re going to answer randomly.

A duck comes up to your lemonade stand and asks, "Do you have any grapes?" What do you say? Sent in by Loofie

SmoothCriminal: "Of course! Let me grab some amongst all my other assorted vegetables and fruits. Oh wait, I'm all out...BECAUSE I SELL FRIEKING LEMONADE!"

Fozzie: Sir it must be your lucky day! Today our special is Grape Flavored Lemonade!

Puffin: Does it look like I have any grapes?

You just went on the titanic, the boats sinking and jaws is coming. All you have is an inflatable life boat and a frisbie. What on earth would you do? Sent in by !.X-David-X.!

SmoothCriminal: Get a hold of Steven Spielberg and James Camerion ASAP. We have the next megasummerblockbuster on our hands...JAWSTANIC!

Fozzie: Gosh the questions are hard this week. I've heard that sharks have some dog tendencies (may or may not be true), so just as he's getting closer I'd throw the frisbee for him to fetch. Then I'd jump in my life boat and get out of there quick smart!

Puffin: Play frisbee! Oh wait.. there were sharks??

Me and a friend have recently started to send each other letter as we don't see each other very much. What do you think is the most creative way to send a letter? Sent in by CookieCrums!

Fozzie: Oh I love this! You should definitely package it up with a few of your favorite items to share like chocolate bars and a mixed CD. There's nothing better than getting packages in the mail!

SmoothCriminal: Within the letter tell them to go to a webpage. From that webpage, they get sent an email. From the email, they goto a coffee shop, where they find a piece of the paper hidden in the wall. On that paper is an address, where you'll be promptly waiting for them :>

Puffin: Well, there's always the letter in a bottle route, if you're really patient. If you wanted to be funny (and mean), you could write your letter on one of those huge prop checques (make it really, really big), then arrange to have someone deliver it to your friends house in person - everyone (including your friend) will think that big money's been won, but really, it's just a letter from you (which is obviously a wonderful thing.. right??)

SmoothCriminal's Question: Quick! A ninja has popped out of no where and wants to fight you! You only have Bacon with you! What now? Sent in by dontragequit
Begin rubbing the bacon all over my body to become greasy like Hakan from Street Fighter. Clearly, the only weakness of a ninja is a big greased up oily dude.

Fozzie’s Question: If you could have your hair and eyebrows any colour you want, which colour would you chose? Sent in by Cronosphere
I have always wanted to try platinum blonde! I've been too scared to go there though because the regrowth would drive me nuts.

Puffin's Question: You are sleeping and suddenly the F.B.I. wakes you up and tell you: the world need of you, come with us. What would be your first response? Sent in by Mercurioo
Beam me up, Scotty!

Enter your questions for Habbo Staff below and you could be in the next (WTF)riday!

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