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"Merge" redirects here. For the first merge between US and Canada, see 2010 US-Canada Merge.

The 2010 English Hotel Merge was the second planned merge connected to the US-Canada merge and would combine all English speaking hotels. News articles were published on April 7, 2010 explaining the merge. All English speaking hotels would merge into one universal website. On June 2, Habbo Australia merged with the new, becoming the first of the international hotels (besides Canada) to merge in the English Hotel merge.
Article merger 2


On April 7, 2010, managers of all English speaking hotels published the following news story (note that this news article is from Habbo Canada; information may be different in each hotel):

Important and exciting news for all Habbos.

As we are inching closer and closer to the big day when and are united under one Hotel roof, some other exciting news has surfaced!

The new will not only be the home of Canadians and Americans, come May, it will also become the home of all our English language Habbo Hotels! In other words, this fantastic new site will be the home of all the English speaking Habbos from our sites in Australia, Canada, Singapore, the United States, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

The new, international will give you the opportunity to meet thousands more friends from all over the world, with more competitions, more events and even more shenanigans than ever before! That's not all though, as the "flagship" site, will get all the new features before anyone else. and will still be united in April as planned, so that gives you some time to settle in and get ready to greet the world in May!

We know you will have plenty of questions about this, but please rest assured that we are planning very carefully. We're looking forward to giving you more news on this exciting development on the week of April 12, so remember to check back! The article basically summarizes that all English speaking hotels will come together to form one hotel.

— Habbo Staff

Participating hotels

A strike in the URL of the website means it redirects to when visited.

The Merge

See also: Timeline of the 2010 merges

Less than a month after Canada and US merged, Habbo Australia joined. Like Canada, groups from Australia have yet to move to the new database.

A couple of days later, Singapore merged with on June 4. Groups from Singapore are also awaiting migration to the new database.

The AU, NZ, SG, MY and PH flag badges have been mistaken by a few Habbos to have been received for the merge, but some Australian or Singaporean hotel players may have flag badges from joining either the NZ, AU, SG, MY or PH groups before the merge. These players may have been randomly selected to receive the badge (with the flag on it, depending on what group was joined, in which hotel.), but every player from the hotels who merged also received their Hotel View badge as a merge badge.

Habbo UK merged with on June 10, the final hotel to merge.

Community Response

Main article: Criticism of the 2010 merges

Reactions were mixed, but the response to the merge from older users was mostly negative. There have been many issues regarding the merge, including furni values, username and group clashes, time zones, and bullying.

The Worldwide Merge Rumor

In early July 2010, rumors on discussion forums and fansites were circulated about an alleged worldwide merge, where all international non-English-speaking hotels would merge with However, days after the rumors started, they were proven to be false and Sulake would not merge other hotels with [1]

Merge Badges

After the merge, badges were given to players to symbolize their home-hotels.

MRG01z MRG01 - Habbo Canada - Remembering my Habbo roots!

MRG02s MRG02 - Habbo USA - Remembering my Habbo roots!

MRG03s MRG03 - Habbo UK - Remembering my Habbo roots!

MRG04x MRG04 - Habbo Australia - Remembering my Habbo roots!

MRG05 MRG05 - Habbo Singapore - Remembering my Habbo roots!

Other Badges

A badge was also given to all users of the new English hotel to symbolize the new friendships between each country.

MRG00 MRG000 - Friendship Bracelet - A stranger is a friend you have yet to meet!

Merge furni

(See main article: Merge Compensation Rares).

Cmp nobox
Many of the rare values went down due to different values in different hotels. To counteract this, Habbo gave gifts to make up for the lost value. The gifts included strange boxes, variants of cap statues, and a submarine! All users, at the least, received a free Travel Trunk.

See also

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