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The 8 Bit Trip promotion was held from 5/12/2010-6/1/2010.

Farewell to CrestHawk

Little did anyone know at first, this promotion was held to give a pleasant good-bye to Habbo's beloved Co-Manager (formally Manager before the Merge).


The 8 Bit Trip had 5 furni deals, Badges, and stickers for home pages and group pages. Furni Deals where 15 coins.

Ancient Egypt

Based on a Sand/Aribian theme.

Furni Deal

  • Moodlight
  • Tiki Rug (Sand Rug)
  • Aribian Chair
  • Aribian Window
  • Sand Castle Wall
  • Spider


  • Many Ancient Egyptian Stickers
  • The Cresthawk 8Bit Trip poster


20 winners of the "recreate a working time machine" contest, winning a 8 Bit Trip Badge badge.

The Old West

Based on an old Desert theme.

Furni Deal

  • Moodlight
  • Ranch Gate
  • Well
  • Lantern Poster
  • Log


  • Cowboy-Shooting Sticker.

Medieval Times

Based on the Medieval times theme.

Furni Deal

  • Moodlight
  • Lost City Wall
  • Trapdoor (Cobble stone)
  • Country wall
  • Country Wall post
  • Scimitars


  • A free "good knight" and "bad knight" sticker.
  • More knight Stickers for sale

Stuck in Creation

Based on Water theme

Furni Deal

  • Moodlight
  • Octopuse Light (large)
  • Tall Corel
  • Stepping Stone
  • Relax Stone
  • Pebble Floor


  • Jelly Stickers (Wobble Graphic)
  • Free Sticker of NotMiceElf handing out 3D glasses

Lost in Time

Based on Greek Mythology.


  • Time Traveling Hat Badge (For top 5 story writers)


  • Greek God stickers

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