An account is the basis of a player's details. A player's account consists of their every possession, including guestbook entries, furni, forum posts, friends, and Habbo. However, a player's Habbo is not exactly the same as their account.

Account vs. Habbo

A player's account holds all of the player's information, such as:

  • Guestbook entries
  • Groups
  • Stickers and notes placed on groups and home pages
  • Forum post count
  • Inventory (furni, pets, and badges)
  • Achievements
  • Friends
  • Amount of coins and pixels
  • HC/VIP days
  • Rooms

The player's Habbo is basically the avatar that represents a player. Players can customize their Habbo with a variety of clothes to choose from. When a Habbo is clicked, their username is shown, along with the avatar, motto, group badge, and the five badges they are currently wearing. Tags are also shown sometimes.

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