Actions are things you can do in-client to make your Habbo do a certain task. These can be accessed by clicking on your Habbo and clicking the action you wish to perform, or just by clicking on the squares to move. These actions can range from Dancing, to Sitting. One thing that differentiates this from Commands is that these cannot be performed by entering a certain phrase, these can only be done manually.


Action Desctription Image
Sitting This action enables your Habbo to sit wherever he can, without a chair. Your Habbo stands when you move or when you click "Stand" on the menu.
Dancing This action enables your Habbo to start dancing. It can be de-activated by you clicking "Stop Dancing" on the menu or by your Habbo leaving the room.
Changing Clothes This action enables you to change your Habbo's Clothing. After you are done changing it's clothing you press "Save Changes" and the clothing is applied to your Habbo.

After clicking on yourself this should pop-up. Then you click Change Looks to change your Habbo's clothes.

Walking This action enables your Habbo to move around Guest Rooms.
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