Example of a well setup Adoption Room. credit to coolerthanu4eva, author of room

Adoption rooms are notably high-traffic rooms intended for "adopting" Habbo Babies.


Adoption rooms are often colorful, plush rooms containing a lot of Anna furni, and a multitude of chairs. There are usually seats lined up against the wall, and some other seating in the center. Among the seating are Baby-Related furni. (i.e. Teddy bears, etc.)


Adoption rooms are often filled with Habbo Babies, "Parents", and Habbos impersonating dogs. Habbo Babies can range from infants, who commonly talk in asterisks, (i.e. *crawls to mom*) Toddlers, who talk with a toddler lisp, (i.e. "Hwi! Mwi nwame is Jwane") and even Teenagers who often bond to a toddler as their big sibling. Dogs, not referring to pets you can buy from the catalog, are usually dressed in brown clothing with matching skin tones, wearing the Dog-Hat. They also speak in asterisk dialogue. For no specific reason, Dogs may speak regular, much unlike real life.

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