"Create your own American Idol world in Habbo with this exclusive AI furniture set."

Habbo USA and Habbo ES had a partnership deal with American Idol in February 2009. Last editions to the furni line were introduced April 2009.

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The American idol campaign brought with it new furniture, stickers, homepage backgrounds, effects and an exclusive achievement for users.

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American Idol Judge Desk Ai table- American Idol Floor Tile 1 Ai floor 1- American Idol Floor Tile 2 Ai floor 2

American Idol Poster Ai poster- American Idol Curtain Ai curtain- American Idol Judge Chair Ai chair

American Idol Trax Machine Ai traxd- American Idol Microphone Ai mic- American Idol Star Teleport Ai door

American Idol Audience Chair Ai chair 2- American Idol Jukebox Ai jukebox- American Idol Flat Screen Ai tv

American Idol Piano Ai piano- American Idol Piano Chair Ai stool- Voting Chair Ai vote 1

Hot Spot & Scoreboard Ai spot- Makeup Mirror Ai mirror- Clothes Rack Ai rack- Tube Light Ai tube

News Reporter Desk Ai desk- American Idol Neon Sign Ai logo- Interview Chair Ai chair 3- Cubicle Partition Ai board

Beverage Tray Champange- Formal Dining Table Ai table 2- Elegant Party Cake Cake- American Idol Carpet Ai rug

Blue Chandelier Ai lamp- Beverage Tower Glasstower

Voting Achievements

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American Idol Graphic Dump

  • Habbo Home sticker
  • Habbo Home sticker
  • Habbo Home sticker
  • Habbo Home sticker
  • Habbo Home sticker
  • Habbo Home sticker
  • Habbo Home sticker
  • Habbo Home wallpaper

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