"Short on Habbo Credits? Visit the Offers Wall to find out how to earn them safe and securely and make the new Anna range yours:"

In May 5, 2011 a basic set of furniture was released into the catalogue and is available in five different colours; purple, green, yellow, pink and blue. All colours were released at the same time. All items are tradable.


In the Anna line there are 10 different types of furni in 5 different colours as stated above.

Anna Chair - 3c - Motto: Mmm rainbow flavoured.

Anna Divider - 3c - Motto: Add a splash of colour!

Anna Corner - 3c - Motto: Looks like a jelly bean!

Anna Gate - 5c - Motto: A kaleidoscope of colours!

Anna Lamp - 3c - Motto: Light and bright!

Anna Blob - 2c - Motto: Stackable and Standable!

Anna Carpet - 3c - Motto: Gotta love colourful carpet!

Anna Sofa - 4c - Motto: Comfy enough for two

Anna Stool - 2c - Motto: Don't let your outfit clash with your furniture.

Anna Table - 4c - Motto: Makes food look fun!


Anna chair 1 Anna divider 1 Anna div crnr 1 Anna div gate 1Anna lamp 1Anna pillow 1 Anna rug 1 anim Anna sofa 1 Anna stool 1 Anna table 1


Anna chair 2 Anna divider 2 Anna div crnr 2 Anna div gate 2Anna lamp 2Anna pillow 2 Anna rug 2 anim Anna sofa 2 Anna stool 2 Anna table 2


Anna chair 3 Anna divider 3 Anna div crnr 3 Anna div gate 3Anna lamp 3Anna pillow 3 Anna rug 3 anim Anna sofa 3 Anna stool 3 Anna table 3


Anna chair 4 Anna divider 4 Anna div crnr 4 Anna div gate 4Anna lamp 4Anna pillow 4 Anna rug 4 anim Anna sofa 4 Anna stool 4 Anna table 4


Anna chair 5 Anna divider 5 Anna div crnr 5 Anna div gate 5Anna lamp 5Anna pillow 5 Anna rug 5 anim Anna sofa 5 Anna stool 5 Anna table 5

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