Asian is a furni line introduced in October 2006. It consists of Asian (mostly Chinese)-themed furni.

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Chinese Lacquer Chair Asia chair- Chinese Lacquer Sofa Asia sofa- Chinese Lacquer Table Asia table

Chinese Lacquer Bookshelf Asia shelves- Chinese Red Knots Asia knots- Chinese Calligraphy Asia poster

Dragon Screen Asia screen- Dragon Screen Corner Asia corner- Chinese Wall Lamp Asia lamp 2- Chinese Lantern Asia lamp

Dragon Poster Asia poster 3- Ox Poster Asia poster 2- Tiger Poster Tiger poster- CNY Poster Small china pstr4

Ox Statue Asia ox- Tiger Statue Tigers - Tiger Seat Seat - Rabbit Statue Rabbit statue - Snake Statue Small china snake

Moongate Asia gate- Chinese Blossom Tree Blossom - Dragon Teleport  Dragonhead

The Dragon that Spews Fireworks - China TownChinatown- Sky Lantern  Lanters

Furniture Releases

During its release, only the Chinese Lacque Chair, Chinese Lacquer Table, and Chinese Lacquer Bookshelf was available. Over the course of about 5 years, more furni were added on to the line, until the line became what it is today.

After the initial release of only the three furni in version 11, the screen was introduced in November 2006, and the Corner Screen in January 2007. In version 12, the screen and the Corner Screen got a re-color. This happened so that they matched the wood of the marquees and other screens, but they didn't end up matching so they were left as they are now. 

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