A Habbo baby is a term for a player acting as a baby or toddler, portraying the stereotypes. Habbo babies have been around since the beginning of Habbo and have gradually developed to become one of the most notable cliques in roleplay and Habbo in general. Due to their repetitive (to some users, annoying) mannerisms, Habbo babies have gained notoriety, attracting much criticism and controversy among the community.

Habbo babies

Typical characteristics and behaviors

  • Acts out stereotypical actions and behaviours for babies/toddlers, such as crawling, diaper changes, crying etc.
  • Hangs around in adoption rooms and preschools/kindergarten classes
  • Has pale skin, no hair, chubby cheeks, and wears light pastel coloured clothing (following the "pink for girls, blue for boys" stereotype), usually hoodies and bow ties and hats as accessories.
  • Inserts w's between words to imitate a toddler's lisp (e.g. "Hi, my name is Bob" translates into "Hwi, mwy nwame is Bwob") - this specific behaviour is the most notable and perhaps the reason for Habbo babies' fame
  • Constantly flood rooms with cries (Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!)
  • Uses elaborate "action stars" (e.g. instead of *takes out lollipop*, it's *♥*takes out lollipop*♥*)
  • Prefers HC/VIP parents with large amounts of wealth
  • Asks their parents for furni, credits, and/or rights
  • Motto states their name and age (e.g. "Nwame: Bwob, Awge: 3")

They also prefer to appear cute in their actions- e.g. instead of "sits down" they'd say "SwiTtEh;'DwOwnEh


Because of their annoying habits and immaturity, Habbo babies are known for being infamous (that is, having an extremely bad reputation) and disliked by some of the community. Habbo babies are often victims of harassment, including teasing and name-calling, often being called "noobs." There has been speculation about players pretending to be Habbo babies and requesting adoption thinking they will get free furni. This is considered scamming which can be punishable with a ban. One controversy involves a former staff member bringing this idea to the hotel and encouraging it.

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