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Lord Of The Tiles

ACH BattleBallTilesLocked1 ACH BattleBallTilesLocked2 ACH BattleBallTilesLocked3 ACH BattleBallTilesLocked4 ACH BattleBallTilesLocked5 ACH BattleBallTilesLocked6 ACH BattleBallTilesLocked7 ACH BattleBallTilesLocked8 ACH BattleBallTilesLocked9 ACH BattleBallTilesLocked10

ACH BattleBallTilesLocked11 ACH BattleBallTilesLocked12 ACH BattleBallTilesLocked13 ACH BattleBallTilesLocked14 ACH BattleBallTilesLocked15 ACH BattleBallTilesLocked16 ACH BattleBallTilesLocked17 ACH BattleBallTilesLocked18 ACH BattleBallTilesLocked19 ACH BattleBallTilesLocked20

You earn these badges by locking 282,075 tiles in Battle Banzai.

Traduzione in  italiano: Tu puoi avere questi badge se fai 282,075 caselle  in Battle Banzai By italianisi

Battle Banzai Beginner-Overlord

ACH BattleBallQuestCompleted1 ACH BattleBallQuestCompleted2 ACH BattleBallQuestCompleted3 ACH BattleBallQuestCompleted4 ACH BattleBallQuestCompleted5 ACH BattleBallQuestCompleted6 ACH BattleBallQuestCompleted7 ACH BattleBallQuestCompleted8 ACH BattleBallQuestCompleted9 ACH BattleBallQuestCompleted10

You earn these badges by completing all 22 battle banzai quests.

Battle Banzai Star

ACH BattleBallWinner1 ACH BattleBallWinner2 ACH BattleBallWinner3 ACH BattleBallWinner4 ACH BattleBallWinner5 ACH BattleBallWinner6 ACH BattleBallWinner7 ACH BattleBallWinner8 ACH BattleBallWinner9 ACH BattleBallWinner10

ACH BattleBallWinner11 ACH BattleBallWinner12 ACH BattleBallWinner13 ACH BattleBallWinner14 ACH BattleBallWinner15 ACH BattleBallWinner16 ACH BattleBallWinner17 ACH BattleBallWinner18 ACH BattleBallWinner19 ACH BattleBallWinner20

You earn these badges by winning Battle Banzai games.

Battle Ball Player

ACH BattleBallPlayer1 ACH BattleBallPlayer2 ACH BattleBallPlayer3 ACH BattleBallPlayer4 ACH BattleBallPlayer5 ACH BattleBallPlayer6 ACH BattleBallPlayer7 ACH BattleBallPlayer8 ACH BattleBallPlayer9 ACH BattleBallPlayer10

ACH BattleBallPlayer11 ACH BattleBallPlayer12 ACH BattleBallPlayer13 ACH BattleBallPlayer14 ACH BattleBallPlayer15 ACH BattleBallPlayer16 ACH BattleBallPlayer17 ACH BattleBallPlayer18 ACH BattleBallPlayer19 ACH BattleBallPlayer20

You earn these badges by playing so many Battle Banzai games.

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