Ancestor Poster This page is about a past event, feature, or other object that has been removed from Habbo. To maintain the article's accuracy, please avoid adding new information that isn't sourced.
These are the listed benefits of purchasing VIP. Since VIP was removed, these benefits were transferred to Habbo Club.
Free to Play VIP
Price Free 25 coins for 1 month, 60 coins for 3 months
Clothing Styles Basic styles Over twice as many clothes and appearances
Colors Basic colors More than twice as many more colors
Ability to mix and match colors Yes Yes
Saving Outfits No 10 outfits saved in wardrobe
Monthly Gifts No 2 VIP gift furni from the shop
Friends List Maximum of 300 friends Maximum of 1100 friends
Extra Badge None VIP badge
Public Room Queue No Yes
Room Layouts 6 basic room layouts 14 VIP room layouts, some include stairs. +

Option to have rooms without walls.

":" Commands :pickall - pick up all furni :furni - select furni
:pickall - pick up all furni
:chooser - select users
Dances 1 basic dance 4 VIP dances
Marketplace Offers 5 offers 10 offers

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