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Habbo Users sat on "The Big Hand"

The big hand was an item on the taskbar. This feature carried all a Habbo's furniture. The hand consisted of a "<<" and a ">>" button and a "Close" button. Each section of the hand held at least 9 furni and the rest goes to a new section. The hand feature was taken away in 2009 when New Habbo or Habbo beta came. Habbo held a competition for Habbos to make a 'Good-bye!' video for the big hand, which was called the Big Ola farewell. The winning results of this competition was placed on this page. During the competition, Habbo created a furni that is a chair representing the Habbo big hand. On the taskbar, 'a box in a hand' icon replaced the original hand icon. When you clicked that icon, the furni is now carried into a default box.

Byesw handByesw hand 2Byesw hand 3Byesw hand 4

Today's System

(See main article: Inventory)
A new system was put into effect in New Habbo. There are separate sections to view your floor items, posters, pets, and badges.

Current icon

Goodbye big hand badges.