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Black holes are part of the Custom Rooms line


Article image hole 03

Released on July 7, 2011, Black Holes are furni items that can limit an area from being walked on. "A 2x2 piece that creates a BLACK HOLE in your room... Awesome as a divider, but also lets you design your very own custom room layouts" -Catalog description. They contain one double-click state, that virtually turns the black hole back into the floor. However, this can make Black Holes hard to find again amongst a room. Other furni cannot be placed on Black Holes (in both states) and can't be placed on top of anything instead of bare floors.

Black holes may be used in the ecotron, marketplace, and in trade.


A Black Hole!


Black Holes can be used in many ways to make for better gameplay. Here are some uses:

  • Games
  • Sectioning out a certain part of a room.
  • Making furni unmovable by others with rights (by placing black holes in the off-state in bare floor sections)


There are 10 achievement badges which can be attained by placing Black Holes inside your room. The badges and the number of Black Holes required are stated below;

Badge Name Badge Image Number of Black Holes required
Room Architect I ACH RoomDecoHoleFurniCount1

To proceed to this level = 10

Total = 10

Room Architect II ACH RoomDecoHoleFurniCount2

To proceed to this level = 10

Total = 20

Room Architect III

ACH RoomDecoHoleFurniCount3

To proceed to this level = 10

Total = 30

Room Architect IV ACH RoomDecoHoleFurniCount4

To proceed to this level = 15

Total = 45

Room Architect V ACH RoomDecoHoleFurniCount5

To proceed to this level = 15

Total = 60

Room Architect VI ACH RoomDecoHoleFurniCount6

To proceed to this level = 20

Total = 80

Room Architect VII ACH RoomDecoHoleFurniCount7

To proceed to this level = 20

Total = 100

Room Architect VIII ACH RoomDecoHoleFurniCount8

To proceed to this level = 25

Total = 125

Room Architect IX ACH RoomDecoHoleFurniCount9

To proceed to this level = 25

Total = 150

Room Architect X ACH RoomDecoHoleFurniCount10

To proceed to this level = 20

Total = 170


  • Despite only being available to HC members in the catalog, Black Holes can be simply traded amongst non-HC players,

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