Room blocking

The room blocking feature is shown in room settings.

Blocking is the act of placing your Habbo strategically in a room to prevent other Habbos from moving. In its most simplest terms, Habbos walk in front of a furni, such as a gate or teleport, or doorway and stands there indefinitely, essentially "blocking" other players from moving past. This is often performed by trolls in order to disrupt other players.

This used to be a major problem in Old Habbo because there was almost no way to stop people from blocking. In the New Habbo update, an option in room settings was added to disable blocking in the room, meaning that users can walk through each other, so no one can block.


In 2009, Habbo allowed for the first tile by every door to be unblockable by people. This was the same technology they used for the Lido Pool in late 2008.

Habbo later developed a system to let people choose whether they want blocking allowed or not in their user rooms. Only the owner may set this option in room settings.

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