See also: Bot (Shop).

Bot Badge An Official Bot is a non-player character (NPC) set up by Habbo administrators. Official Bots are found in Official Rooms. Official  Bots may be programmed to respond to certain key words and serve Hand items like drinks or food.

Well-known bots

Valentines 2011

Original custom bot




In 2011, Habbo hosted a valentines promotion with bot rewards. Though bots could be purchased a year later by anyone with coins, these bots have 'Official bot' programming.

In the 'Habbo News' article "Bot Marriage Quest Winners", 10 users were given the very first opportunity to own a personal bot. 5 winners won a "Mistalova" bot and the other 5 won a "Sistalova" bot. These bots simply walk about, they don't say or give any hand items, and nor can they be moved from room to room.

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