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Bot Badge Released in 2012, bots were available for users to purchase. Currently, bots may be programmed to say custom messages, wear your clothing, have a custom name, and even serve Hand items. Bots can not be traded, and they can only be placed in a room owned by you. You can not place a bot in a room where you have group admin rights either.

Only once before, after winning a 2011 competition, regular users had an opportunity to have a bot of their own. (Read more about this on Bot (Official)).

SpyBot ("Belle")

1 week SpyBot

First released in May 2012, bots became available for normal users to purchase. The "SpyBot" was a meer 3 Coins, compared to the Casual and Waiter bots. However, the "SpyBot" was only designated to tell the room owner who visited their room, with no other features. This only feature was helpful to determine room trashers. The bot would only last 168 hours (7 full days) once placed in a room.

The only purpose of this bot was to record names of people who have entered the room. It recorded the 50 most previous room visits. When a user entered a room with a bot in it, the bot would whisper to them and say "The owner isn't here right now. I'll let them know you were here." When the owner returned to the room, (or reloaded the room) the bot would whisper to them the list of the 50 most recent visitors separated by commas (,).

Strangely, in mid-June 2012, these bots were removed entirely from the catalog, without notice.

Casual Bot ("Robbie")

Can talk, walk, dance and dress up!


A default "Robbie" bot.

After months of the disappearance of purchasable bots, Robbie made a new appearance in the catalog for 25 Coins. At first, Robbie was able to have custom clothes and speech. Soon after, the ability to change the name was added. With this, the name of "Robbie" was simply renamed to "Casual Bot".

Waiter / Serving Bot

Satisfies your thirst, and does everything the Casual bot can, too!

Within the same month as the release of the Casual Bot, a Waiter bot was released for 40 Coins (Or 20 Diamonds, for a promotion). The Waiter bot is exactly the same as Casual bot besides the function to serve hand items.

Saying a specific item keyword will trigger the bot to give you an item. The bot is programed to give you one of the following: juice, milk, latter, water, regular coffee, decaff coffee, and tea.


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