Dragons, are pieces of rare furniture, that were first released in 2005. Altogether there are 16 types of dragons. They vary on value depending on the color and availability. Dragons are one of the most sought after rares in the hotel and some of the most valuable of the dragons are only found in super rare casinos, and staff rooms. One of the first dragons released was the Golden Dragon, and one of the last ones released was the Pink Dragon Lamp. The Pink Dragon Lamp is also the most expensive rare on the hotel.

Name Image Description Release Date

Fun Fact

Golden Dragon Dragon gold Scary and scorching! January 2005 This dragon is the second most expensive of the dragons.
Silver Dragon Lamp Dragon silver Scary and scorching! September 2009 This dragon was released as part of a megadeal in habbo Sweden.
Bronze Dragon Lamp Dragon bronze Scary and scorching! December 2010 This dragon is thought to be the second most popular (behind the gold dragon).
Forest Dragon Lamp Dragon green Scary and scorching! April 2005 On January 8, 2008 this dragon was released on the French hotel for only 2 hours.
Jade Dragon Dragon jade Scary and scorching!

February 2007

On the Italian hotel, this dragon was first spotted in a hotel staff's room.
Blue Dragon Lamp Dragon blue Scary and scorching! May 2006 On the Denmark hotel, this dragon was first spotted in staff member, DonK's room.
Sky Dragon Lamp Dragon sky Scary and scorching! July 2007 On the Canadian hotel, this dragon was released in the club shop for 15 credits.
Frost Dragon Lamp Dragon purple From Rasta.Claus stables January 2006 It was originally called the Purple Dragon Lamp, but after the merge it was renamed the Frost Dragon Lamp.
Fire Dragon Lamp Dragon red Scary and scorching! April 2009 This dragon was colored to look like fire.
Black Dragon Lamp Dragon black Scary and scorching!

September 2006

In the Norwegian hotel this dragon was given as a prize in the HOT and COLD competition.
Darkstar Dragon Image 4 The spirit of the Dark Dragons May 2012 This dragon was released as a Limited Edition rare. There were only 1000 in the set available and it sold out rather quickly.
The Dragon that Spews Fireworks The Dragon that Spews Fireworks A Sky Lighter Dragon February 2012 This dragon was released as part of the new year furni line. There was a competition to name this dragon before it was released. And this name was chosen.
Rare Sand Dragon Sand Dragon A fiery lamp made for the beach. March 2011 This dragon was released in the summer of 2011, it was designed to look like a sand sculpture.
Blizzard Dragon Blizzard Dragon With a fiery breath. November 2010 This dragon was released in the winter of 2010 as a snowflake gift, and could be bought only with snowflakes.
Diamond Dragon Lamp Diamdraak

A dragon representing good fortune

September 2012

This dragon was released in September 2012 and could only be bought with a combination of 75 Credits and 15 Diamonds.

Pink Dragon Lamp
Pink dragon lamp
Breaths Fire January 2013 This dragon was released in late winter of 2013 as a Limited Edition rare. It is the rarest of all dragons with there only being 80 released and most being stockpiled.

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