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Inscrit le: May 17, 2011
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Bucho6 is an ex Hotel / Site Manager who worked with Lost_Witness before. He aslo the Community Manager and his role envolved hosting events, socialising with other players and updating the news articles on the main site.

He first got the role of Hotel Manager after appearing on Habbo's Big Brother event as a secret contestant.

During his time as Hotel Manager, Bucho6 was surrounded by controversy; some people were insistent him and Lost_Witness were the same person, and there were countless complaints against him by the community. He allegedly held sub-par events with unfair prizes (see The Moodi Machine prize controversy) and threatened players with Bans when got frustrated.


He left when he was killed in black goo in an event held by Habbo. This was their way of saying he was fired or he had quit Habbo.