Rabbit Bunnies Rabbit

Bunnies, also commonly called "Rabbits", were introduced to Habbo on April 13, 2012, limited for the Easter 2012 event. At first, only White Bunnies were available. However, later on; Pink, Brown, and Black Bunnies were released into the shop coming with their respective badges.



Name Image Catalog Price Description
White Rabbit Rabbit 10 Meet your new best friend! Cute, furry and kind, the rabbit is as lovable as he is hungry!
Manic Bunny! Pink Bunny 5 Aww! So cute! Utterly devoted and full of energy, life and love, this bunny is full to the brim with positivity! This bunny will wear you down and wear you out.
Bored Bunny Brown Bunny 25 Sigh. This bunny has no enthusiasm at all. He just can't be bothered. The best thing to do is to leave him alone and hope he grows out of it.
Bad Bunny Black Bunny 66 This bunny is full of bad attitude. Nearly impossible to train and thoroughly mean, adopt this little critter at your peril.
Rabbit Gold Bunny 10 N/A

On March the 29th 2013, four new coloured bunnies were added to the catalogue as part of the 2013 Easter campaign



Image ID Official Name Official Description
ACH BunnyEaster ACH_BunnyEaster A Friend To Rabbits I gave the white bunny a new home
ACH BunnyLove ACH_BunnyLove Manic Bunny Owner I captured the heart of the Manic Love Bunny!
ACH BunnyDepressed ACH_BunnyDepressed Bored Bunny Owner I tried to cheer up the Bored Bunny!
ACH BunnyEvil ACH_BunnyEvil Evil Bunny Owner I tried to tame the evil bunny!
ACH BunnyCollector ACH_BunnyCollector Bunny Collector

I collected the three new Easter Bunnies. Oh yeah.


  • In the badge code for the "Bored Bunny", the actual name is "Depressed Bunny". This may have been changed to be 'politically correct'.

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