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R & B group Candy Hill checked into Habbo's theatredome on June 25, 2007 Gorgeous, genius and downright gregarious, the all-girl Hip Hop and R&B trio Candy Hill has every right to be excited. These stunning young ladies, one straight out of Compton and the other two right out of South Central, have already made history. They are the first female group to score a record deal by showcasing their music and skills on the internet, or more specifically their MySpace page ( and now these super talented girls have been selected to open for R&B sensation Chris Brown for his upcoming tour.

“We were shocked,” says rapper LV, 20, about the popularity of their page on the internet. “We setup our Myspace page, “says Casha, 21, the lead vocalist “and that’s how the labels found us.” “We got more than 30-thousand hits our first two weeks,” recalls rapper OC. “And then it grew to 2-million music hits.” Those kinds of numbers attracted the attention of platinum-selling rapper Chamillionarie’s manager Charles Chavez. One meeting, one look and one live performance and Candy Hill was signed to Universal Republic Records.

“I was surprised,” says OC, the Latin rapping sensation of Candy Hill. “Who gets a deal through MySpace? We just sang and rapped for them and next thing we knew they sent a deal to our lawyer.” “It just shows you how Myspace is such a prominent tool for unsigned artists because it’s a way to show labels that you’re able to carry a consistent fan base,” remarks LV. Clicking on their MySpace page was one thing, (the photos of the girls alone will keep your attention), but it was the music that kept drawing visitors to the site. The music is HOT! What makes Candy Hill interesting is that the girls sing, rap, write their own material and do some of their own production work.


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