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Vip Visit

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Celebrity visits also known as VIP Visits, to Habbo involves Habbo hiring (most-likely teen related) a celebrity to come and interact with users inside of the hotel. In 2005, Habbo planned out the first celebrity visit with Skye Sweetnam. To even it out, the hotels switch between who gets the next celebrity, many times it happens 3-5 days. However, there are a lot of instances, where there are months between celebrity visits.

Most celebrity visits involve a Q&A session, whereas players ask questions to the visitor and they'll answer. Habbo will typically release a news article, with the Q&A and several pictures. With it being easy to make an account and pretend to be a celebrity, Habbo makes special outfits for the celebrities. Often they also take several pictures or videos, to prove the celebrity(s) were actually visiting.





  • Scribe - February 18th - Habbo AU
  • Kerli - August 13th - Habbo USA
  • Lenka - August 25th - Habbo USA
  • Monet (Singer not the Painter :P) August 26th - Habbo USA


  • Rhys - March 6th - Habbo AU
  • McFly - March 19th - Habbo AU
  • Phrase - April 28th - Habbo AU


2010 English Hotel Merge Occurred





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