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The Xmas 2010 event within Habbo began on November 23, 2010 with its first Christmas Quest (Read more below). The first events are scheduled to end on January 3, 2011. However, "There will be loads of new quests and more Snowflake gifts starting on December 1st." -Habbo Staff 11/23/2010. The events could be followed with a sidebar icon or by purchasing a calendar furni (see image to the right for a green calender). A snowflake effect would burst from the calender, along with several tabs on the furni, and you would access the quest menu.


Snowflake Unlit
Quests will be released to Earn Snowflakes. To begin a quest you must purchase a Calender and double click it (see below) or click on the Quest button (Left image)on the sidebar. After each quest you will be rewarded 1 Snowflake Point (Read more below). You can spend your snowflakes anytime until 1/3/2010 but, awards will come and go. All quests are available for 7days (1 week) before they are inaccessible.


(Main Article: Snowflake Gifts).


(Go Here: Template:Badge/Chart/Xmas2010 to edit this chart). (You may need to save this page again for the chart to refresh)...

Image Snowflakes Needed to Obtain Dates of possible Availability name (Article)
ACH Xm10QuestCompleted1 111/24/2010ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted1
ACH Xm10QuestCompleted2 211/25/2010ACH_Xm10QuestCompleted2
ACH Xm10QuestCompleted3 N/AN/AACH_Xm10QuestCompleted3
ACH Xm10QuestCompleted4 N/AN/AACH_Xm10QuestCompleted4
ACH Xm10QuestCompleted5 N/AN/AACH_Xm10QuestCompleted5
ACH Xm10QuestCompleted6 N/AN/AACH_Xm10QuestCompleted6
ACH Xm10QuestCompleted7 N/AN/AACH_Xm10QuestCompleted7
ACH Xm10QuestCompleted8 N/AN/AACH_Xm10QuestCompleted8
ACH Xm10QuestCompleted9 N/AN/AACH_Xm10QuestCompleted9
ACH Xm10QuestCompleted10 N/AN/AACH_Xm10QuestCompleted10

Green calender leak?

As also seen in the main image above, a green version of the calendar was added in the furni files of Habbo. It looks to be a simple recolor of the Blue Calender, and would likely have the same function as the other calenders. However, this item was never released.

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