The Clouds promotion was introduced on September, 7th, 2012. The promotion consisted of 4 new furniture and a new type of currency called Clouds. Along with the new currency and furniture, some other furniture lines were re-released to fit the theme of the promotion. These furni lines consist of: Vanilla Executive, Area, Iced, Pura, Mode, (these furni lines consisted of only white pieces), and the White Pigeon (pet).

The promotion ended on September 12, 2012. Despite the ending, however, Clouds were still able to be used until September 16; after that time, all remaining Clouds were removed.

Cost of Clouds

When players buy coins, they were able to get the same number of Clouds for the same price. The following tables summarizes the prices:

Via credit card payment
Coins + Clouds Price (pounds) Price (USD)
40 £5 $8
80 £10 $16
220 £25 $40
490 £50 $81
Via mobile phone payment
Coins + Clouds Price (pounds) Price (USD)
11 £1.50 $2.40
25 £3 $5
40 £5 $8


The Cloud promotion came with 4 new furnis that could only be bought with Clouds. These furnis are:

A rain cloud effect was also added to the catalog for a short time costing 1 coin.

Limited Edition Rare

Two days after the Clouds promotion ended, a new Limited Edition rare was released into the catalog: the Cloud Throne. It was released on September 14, 2012 for 300 coins. The day after that rare was released, another rare, the Pearl Dragon Egg, was also given out for 150 credits. Unlike the Cloud Throne, the value of the Pearl Dragon Egg nearly tripled initially as it sold out.

Hotel view update

The client's Hotel View was updated to accommodate the promotion.

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