The country line was first released into the hotel May 1, 2009 except for the forestwall which was released in the environmental campaign of Easter 2009 but is still considered part of the country range. A country trax pack was also released into the catalog for a short time but is no longer sold due to the demise of trax. In the Shop the picnic range released in May 2011 was combined with the country range so picnic items are now also considered to be country items.
Art country secretmeet


Stump Chair - 3c - Carved perfectly to fit

Picnic Basket - 3c - Munch away!

Picnic Pillow (red, yellow or blue) - 2c - Comfier that the ground!

Picnic Blanket (red, yellow or blue) - 4c - Put on a picnic spread

Cheese Platter - 1c - Motto: Time for a snack?

Baguettes and Apples - 1c - Fancy picnic food!

Picnic Refreshments - 1c - Cheers to a sunny day!

Nest(led) Tree - 4c - Don't sit underneath it!

Rock Teleport - 6c - Disappear into the dark

Wild Cascades - 10c - Let it run wild!

Well - 5c - Be careful what you drink out of the well.

Gate - 4c - Stampede coming through.

Soil - 3c - Find that perfect spot to plant some grain.

Rock Corner Divider - 2c - Between a rock wall and a hard place.

Rock Divider - 3c - Strong and Sturdy

Wooden Divider - 3c - Keep paddocks separated.

Forest Wall - 4c - Don't get lost in this forest...

Wheat Patch - 5c - Got grain on the brain.

Ditch - 4c - The babbling water goes on and on.

Ditch Corner - 2c - Every which way the water bed bends.

Rainbow - 5c - Is there a pot of gold at the end?

Log - 3c - Have a seat.

Rain - 5c - Raindrops keep falling on my head.

Grass Patch - 4c - Mmmm smell the freshness.

Country Fireplace

Country Lantern

Country Patio



Country Stage

Country Teleport

Country Wall

Tractor - ?c - Yes it is a tractor!

Furniture Images

StumpBasketPillow Red Pillow Yellow Pillow BluePicnic food 1Picnic food 2Picnic food 3 Country patio Country rainPicnic blanket red Picnic blanket yellow Picnic blanket blue Country fenceCountry log anim Country well Country stone wallPicnic teleCountry stone cornerCountry corner animCountry ditchCountry forestwallCountry rainbowPicnic wfallCountry wheat anim Country scarecrowCountry gate animCountry soil anim Country fireplace Country lantern Country stageCountry tele

Country tractor Country wall anim Picnic 3brdsCountry grass anim

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