Customer Support (or Player Support) is the division of Habbo Staff that interacts with players by answering questions about their account. When in need of help, players visit the FAQs section of the site, where the form for submitting requests is also located (commonly referred to the "help tool."). Customer Support always encourage players to read the FAQs before sending a request, as answers to most questions are found there.

Customer Support should also not be confused with moderators; though they do interact with players and provide help, moderators should only be contacted in emergencies regarding safety and security and not account issues. Also, moderators should be called if the problem requires urgent attention, as Customer Support prioritizes its requests.


Customer Support mostly answers questions about accounts from both players and parents of players. A brief list of problems Customer Support handles are:

  • General account problems, such as issues regarding passwords and not being able to log in
  • Ban appeals
  • Coin problems, such as not being able to redeem a voucher code
  • Technical issues
  • Reports of Habbo Retros
  • Scam reports and requests to retrieve hacked accounts
  • Ideas about future updates
  • Business, advertising, or marketing queries

Steps to submitting a request

  1. The first step in looking for help is to read the FAQs to find a possible answer.
  2. If no available answer is found, proceed to submit a request by clicking on "Submit a Request"
  3. Fill out the form and describe your situation. Fields with an asterick (*) must be filled out. Choosing the right category and entering in as much detail and information about your problem will allow staff members to easily find a solution.
  4. After submitting the request, it will be waiting to be assigned to a help desk operator, who will then read your request and respond to it.
  • To check the current status of your request, click on the "Check your existing requests" tab. Alternately, you could check your email for any replies by Habbo.
  • If your request requires more information, you may add it in by making a comment on your request or replying to the email.
  • The nature of your request affects the response you get. For example, a problem with coins may ask you to give more information about previous transactions, while reports of a Habbo Retro may not even get a response.


Customer Support is often criticized by the vast majority of the community mainly for their lack of quality responses, slowness, prolonged delays, improper staff-player interaction, and system of prioritizing requests. While all requests are prioritized (account issues get a faster reply than ban appeals, for example), the maximum waiting time is 3 weeks and despite this, many requests are unfortunately left unanswered. The service of Customer Support are also compared to moderators, in which replies take a large amount of time and they are most likely predetermined responses and not an actual human one.

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