"Rock 'n' Roll back in time with this peachy-keen diner inspired Furni. Fries, burgers, and shakes galore!"

Diner is a furni line, with the central theme being classic American diners in the 1950s. It was first released in July 2008 in the Habbo Denmark and to other hotels later that day. It consists of 24 different furni, ten of which are available in 10 different colors. This makes it the biggest ongoing furni line ever released, with exactly 119 furnis released. The latest being the mint re-coloring of the line.


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Le Diner Diner poster small - Diner Rug Diner rug small - Diner Shaker Diner shaker small - Diner Wall Table Diner walltable small - Diner Window Small FweSBDFSCAFSDV - Empty Plate Diner tray 1 small - Large Window Vsfdvxcdccdv - Ketchup and Mustard Diner tray 7 small - Plate With Bacon Diner tray 6 small - Plate With Hamburger Diner tray 2 small - Plate With Milkshakes Diner tray 8 small - Plate With Pancakes Diner tray 5 small - Plate With Spaghetti Diner tray 4 small - Plate With Steak Diner tray 3 small

Aquamarine Furni
Aquamarine Bar (Diner) Diner bar aqua small - Aquamarine Booth Table Diner table 1 aqua small - Aquamarine Corner (Diner) Diner corner aqua small - Aquamarine Gate (Diner) Diner gate aqua small - Aquamarine Gum Machine Diner gummachine aqua small - Aquamarine Register Diner cashreg aqua small - Aquamarine Sofa 1 Diner sofa 1 aqua small - Aquamarine Sofa 2 Diner sofa 2 aqua small - Aquamarine Stool Diner stool aqua small - Aquamarine Table Diner table 2 aqua small

Beige Furni
Beige Bar (Diner) Diner bar beige small - Beige Booth Table Diner table 1 beige small - Beige Corner (Diner) Diner corner beige small - Beige Gate (Diner) Diner gate beige small - Beige Gumball Machine Diner gummachine beige small - Beige Register Diner cashreg beige small - Beige Sofa 1 Diner sofa 1 beige small - Beige Sofa 2 Diner sofa 2 beige small - Beige Stool Diner stool beige small - Beige Table Diner table 2 beige small

Black Furni
Black Bar (Diner) Diner bar black small - Black Booth Table Diner table 1 black small - Black Corner (Diner) Diner corner black small - Black Gate (Diner) Diner gate black small - Black Gum Machine Diner gummachine black small - Black Register Diner cashreg black small - Black Sofa 1 Diner sofa 1 black small - Black Sofa 2 Diner sofa 2 black small - Black Stool Diner stool black small - Black Table Diner table 2 black small

Blue Furni
Blue Bar (Diner) Diner bar blue small - Blue Booth Table Diner table 1 blue small - Blue Corner (Diner) Diner corner blue small - Blue Gate (Diner) Diner gate blue small - Blue Gum Machine Diner gummachine blue small - Blue Register Diner cashreg blue small - Blue Sofa 1 Diner sofa 1 blue small - Blue Sofa 2 Diner sofa 2 blue small - Blue Stool Diner stool blue small - Blue Table Diner table 2 blue small

Mint Furni
Mint Bar (Diner) Diner bar mint small - Mint Table Diner table 1 mint small - Mint Corner (Diner) Diner corner mint small - Mint Gate (Diner) Diner gate mint small - Mint Gum Machine Diner gummachine mint small - Mint Register Diner cashreg mint small - Mint Sofa 1 Diner sofa 1 mint small - Mint Sofa 2 Diner sofa 2 mint small - Mint Stool Diner stool mint small - Mint Table Diner table 2 mint small

Green Furni
Green Bar (Diner) Diner bar green small - Green Booth Table Diner table 1 green small - Green Corner (Diner) Diner corner green small - Green Gate (Diner) Diner gate green small - Green Gum Machine Diner gummachine green small - Green Register Diner cashreg green small - Green Sofa 1 Diner sofa 1 green small - Green Sofa 2 Diner sofa 2 green small - Green Stool Diner stool green small - Green Table Diner table 2 green small

Pink Furni
Pink Bar (Diner) Diner bar pink small - Pink Booth Table Diner table 1 pink small - Pink Corner (Diner) Diner corner pink small - Pink Gate (Diner) Diner gate pink small - Pink Gum Machine Diner gummachine pink small - Pink Register Diner cashreg pink small - Pink Sofa 1 Diner sofa 1 pink small - Pink Sofa 2 Diner sofa 2 pink small - Pink Stool Diner stool pink small - Pink Table Diner table 2 pink small

Red Furni
Red Bar (Diner) Diner bar red small - Red Booth Table Diner table 1 red small - Red Corner (Diner) Diner corner red small - Red Gate (Diner) Diner gate red small - Red Gum Machine Diner gummachine red small - Red Register Diner cashreg red small - Red Sofa 1 Diner sofa 1 red small - Red Sofa 2 Diner sofa 2 red small - Red Stool Diner stool red small - Red Table Diner table 2 red small

White Furni
White Bar (Diner) Diner bar white small - White Booth Table Diner table 1 white small - White Corner (Diner) Diner corner white small - White Gate (Diner) Diner gate white small - White Gum Machine Diner gummachine white small - White Register Diner cashreg white small - White Sofa 1 Diner sofa 1 white small - White Sofa 2 Diner sofa 2 white small - White Stool Diner stool white small - White Table Diner table 2 white small

Yellow Furni
Yellow Bar (Diner) Diner bar yellow small - Yellow Booth Table Diner table 1 yellow small - Yellow Corner (Diner) Diner corner yellow small - Yellow Gate (Diner) Diner gate yellow small - Yellow Gum Machine Diner gummachine yellow small - Yellow Register Diner cashreg yellow small - Yellow Sofa 1 Diner sofa 1 yellow small - Yellow Sofa 2 Diner sofa 2 yellow small - Yellow Stool Diner stool yellow small - Yellow Table Diner table 2 yellow small


  • The rarest of the items is considered the Le Diner. It was given out to only a select set of people.
  • This furni line was the inspiration for the Diner Guitar which was released for Habbo Palooza festivities.

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