Don't Hit the Wall (DHTW) is a user-moderated game. In this game, there are six chairs set up against a wall. Each chair represents a number from the dice. When the host rolls the dice, whatever number that comes up on the dice, the chair of that number moves up a space. The object of this game is try to not hit the wall and the chair that doesn't hit the wall at all wins. However, there are usually steals in a DHTW game. In a steal, when a player who isn't near the wall moves up,Players that are near the wall could sit on it(steal)quickly before the owner of the chair does so.Sometimes this isn't allowed and doing so will result in a kick.There's also no camping in this game. Camping in this game is when players stand up before a chair moves up. The players that lost are asked to P2s, kik, rev, or Habbos outside the game could have p2p. The winner usually won a prize of furni or rights or both.

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