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Duckets Art By: Sulake

Duckets is one of the main currencies used in Habbo. Duckets are used to Rent Furni, Effects, and to buy Pets. They can be earned by spending time in Habbo. They replaced Pixels as the main secondary currency used in Habbo. The name "ducket" is based on the mis-spelling of the currency "ducat".


Duckets were introduced on February 21, 2013, as the new secondary main currency to replace Pixels. Duckets are a reworking of the basic concept of Pixels with some tweaks. For example, limits are imposed on the number of Duckets that can be had at any one time. Purchase of specialised pixel furni and catalog items is also no longer supported; users can only rent furni from select lines.


Duckets are used to rent Furniture and Effects. There has been seven Furni Lines users can rent furniture from, and the only effects users can rent are the old Pixel effects. Habbo's can also buy pet Cats, and Room Promos using Duckets.

How to use duckets

Rentable Furni Lines

This is a list of all furni lines that was/are rentable with Duckets.

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