Habbo Easter HHW
Easter is an annual holiday event held in Habbo. Promotions on special furniture and coins happen around the day of Easter. There are usually competitions, and quests made available to celebrate it.

Easter 2010

Flowerpower header en

Easter 2013


Easter is coming and bringing flowers, teleports and, of course, eggs with it! Check out the brand new floral-inspired line now - time to get pruning.

Click on the furni to see more info

Garden Arch Small easter13 arch - Garden Teleport Small easter13 teleport - Glowing Garden Floor Small easter13 floor 1 - Egg-shaped Window Small easter13 window

easter13_wall1 name Small easter13 wall1 - easter13_wall2 name Small easter13 wall2 - easter13_wall3 name Small easter13 wall3 - Red Flower Small easter13 flower 1

Blue Flower Small easter13 flower 2 - Yellow Flower Small easter13 flower 3 - High Garden Stage Small easter13 stage 1 - Low Garden Stage Small easter13 stage 2

Glowing Bulbs Small easter13 bulbs - Mushrooms Small easter13 sshrooms

Crackable Eggs - Click on the furni to see more info

How many taps does it take to crack an egg? 1? 2 maybe? Habbo eggs need a slightly firmer tap, thinks you've got what it takes to crack a prize out of them? Some eggs take more taps to crack (get your friends tp help) but have a bigger.

Crackable Egg - Level 1 Small easter13 egg 0 - Crackable Egg - Level 2 Small easter13 egg 1 - Crackable Egg - Level 2 Small easter13 egg 2

Crackable Egg - Level 4 Small easter13 egg 3


Easter Globe Eggglobe

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