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2011 Art by:Sulake

Fireworks were a brand new addition to Habbo Hotel on December 22, 2010, in celebration of the new year of 2011. A 'Firework Blaster' (or another user's) is needed for functional fireworks and to earn badges.


Setting off fireworks currently only takes 1 charge to launch! Currently, you can only purchase 10 charges at a time for 20 pixels (Being 2 pixels a charge). After the first Charges, a firework will appear in the base. You double click the firework for the launch. But do to the removal of Pixels now there is no need to charge your fireworks.


Released earlier then the fireworks on December 17, badges are obtained for putting pixels into any fireworks machine. Getting the top (or 'X') badge will cost a whopping 10920 pixels. Ironically, earning a badge will also give you pixels.


Image Obtain Level Code Name Pixels needed to earn Total Pixels Needed Pixel Reward
ACH FireworksCharger1 INull20205
ACH FireworksCharger2 IINull10012010
ACH FireworksCharger3 IIINull300420N/A
ACH FireworksCharger4 IVNull6001020N/A
ACH FireworksCharger5 VNull9001920N/A
ACH FireworksCharger6 VINullN/AN/AN/A
ACH FireworksCharger7 VIINullN/AN/AN/A
ACH FireworksCharger8 VIIINullN/AN/AN/A
ACH FireworksCharger9 IXNullN/AN/AN/A
ACH FireworksCharger10 XNullN/A10920N/A


In the early release of fireworks on December 22, there was a bug involving amount of charge, leaving staff having to say "Until our little bugs have been properly exterminated, don't charge your fireworks to more than 100." (In hotel, charging would say to limit to 99).

Charge Furni


On December, 29, 2010 habbo staff launched a competition to celebrate the new update of the fireworks. This competition included a habbo putting together a fireworks show and record the video. Here were the guidelines:

- Make sure your video includes Firework furni and is celebrating the New Year, 2011.

- Keep your video short, under 30 seconds preferably...definitely no more than 40.

- Make it awesome! Include music, a show, but keep it all in Habbo.

- Upload the video on YouTube and include your Habbo name in the description.

- Name it "Habbo 2011 New Years Firework Show"

- Copy and paste the URL of the video into the poll below by Tuesday, January 4.

- Market your video, and tell everyone to enter your video URL into the poll!

- Don't wanna make a video? Then search YouTube for 'Habbo 2011 New Years Firework Show', find your favorite and enter it below!


  • Oddly, the Green Firework Blaster will refresh it's firework faster then any other color in ~5 seconds, opposed to the normal ~6 seconds.


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