Flags is a Shop section which is used in some hotels. However, flags are typically bunched into the Gallery section instead, likely to save catalog space.

Most hotels have all flags available in the flags (or gallery) section. But, a few hotels hold back some flags. The Norwegian flag appeared May 2009, Belgium and Portugal's August 2009. Some flags were also added later.

All Flags

Flag 2 Flag 16 Flag 18 Flag 19 Flag 8 Flag 23 Flag 17 Flag 7 Flag 10 Flag 13 Flag 14
Flag 21 Flag greece Flag norwegian Flag 3 Flag 4 Flag 5 Flag 6 Flag 9 Flag 11 Flag 12 Flag 15
Flag 22 Flag 25 Flag Portuguese Flag algeria Flag argentina Flag chile Flag columbia Flag dominican Flag ecuador Flag 20 Flag malaysia
Flag mexico Flag morocco Flag nz Flag panama Flag peru Flag philippines Flag singapore Flag tunisia Flag turkey Flag venezuela

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