Fridge Game
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Also known as? N/A
Number of players: 10+
Furni required: Dividers, seats, fridge
Playing time: 20-30 minutes depending on amount of players
Skills required: None
Random chance: High - fridge

Fridge Game is a user-moderated game. Specific rules vary among hosts, but generally, the objective is to be the last person standing by taking random hand items from a Pura Refrigerator without picking one that gets you out.


The room is divided into the playing area, queue line, and VIP area. Seats are placed in rows and a fridge at the front of the area. Sometimes, there is an additional seat in front of the fridge to stop users cheating by picking twice.

When all of the seats are filled, the host closes the gate and starts the game. One by one (usually starting with the first person in the back row and moving left to right, or the last person in the front row moving right to left), players walk up to the fridge and double-click it to get a hand item, which can either be tea/blackcurrant, ice cream, or a carrot. The type of item they get determines their fate; most games typically follow this key:

  • Tea/blackcurrant: Player is safe and moves onto the next round.
  • Ice cream: Player gets to p2k (pick to kick), where they choose any player and that person loses the game and is asked to p2s, kick, rev. This can be compared to having a "free rev".
  • Carrot: Player loses and is asked to p2s, kick, rev themselves.

The player returns to his/her seat and the next player goes up. This cycle is repeated until one remains at the end.

See also

  • The Sims, another game with a similar format and high randomness.

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