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In The Habbo News

Fugative will be visiting Habbo at 13:00 today! Fugative will be visiting Habbo TODAY at 13.00 (UK time) in the 0800 Picnic Area!

Fugative is back with his second smash hit single of the summer, "Bad Girl" - a sizzling track set to crank up the heat with its slick rhymes and toxic chorus, which means it should be pretty good to listen and dance to.

Fugative is the self-made pioneer of 'hip-pop' appeared on the world stage last year with the single "Jimmy Shoe" and has since gone on to play 200 gigs in the last 18 months. Quite a feat!

We're really psyched to have Fugative come back, so be sure to be there to give him a warm Habbo welcome.

Bad Girl is already on nationwide sale, and the single also features remixes from Dawood & Preston, UK Funky and a dubstep rework from Tek One.

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