This article is about the specific catalog section. See here for all other Posters.

Adorn your walls with wondrous works of art, posters, plaques, and wall hangings. The Gallery is bursting with items to suit all tastes, from kitsch to cool, traditional to modern.
— Official Catalog Description

Labeled in the Shop, as Posters and Flags, The Gallery furni line, contains common posters for your room. The selection of furni, in this section, can vary from time to time and by country.

Furni Involved

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This list reflects any poster that has once been featured in the "Gallery" at any point. Some furni may or may not be available in the hotel right now. Posters not from Gallery should be listed on their own respectable pages.
Image Name (And Article Link) Description
aaaa aaa aa
bbbb bbb bb
cccc ccc cc
zzzz zzz zz


  • Interestingly, just about every poster in this category of the catalog is priced at 3 coins. However, very few items, like the Carrot Plaque and Fish Plaque are priced otherwise.

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