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General stickers are stickers which have been in the web catalogue since the start. They tend to be the cheapest stickers and are not rare.


Battle1 Battle3 Bullet1 Fish Lightbulb Needle 1 Needle 2 Needle 3 Needle 4 Needle 5 Paper clip 1 Paper clip 2 Paper clip 3 Parrot Scubacapsule anim Sticker arrow down Sticker arrow upSticker arrow leftSticker arrow rightSticker catinabox Sticker eye anim Sticker eye evil anim Sticker eyes blue Sticker flames Sticker flower pink Sticker glasses elton Sticker glasses supernerd Sticker spaceduck Swimming fish


Bearhh Burger Chewed bubblegum Eraser Finger push I love bobba2 I love coffee Juice Nail2Nail3 Pencil Pencil 2 Plaster Plaster2 Ruler horizontal Ruler vertical Spill1Spill2Spill3 Sticker bobbaskullSticker boxerSticker cactus animSticker clown animSticker crocoSticker flower big yellowSticker flower1Sticker gentlemanSticker gurubeard brownSticker gurubeard greySticker hole Sticker sleeping habboSticker submarineZombiepupu


BlingBlingblingstarsChain horizontal Chain vertical Gorillahand1Cassette1Cassette2Cassette3Cassette4 Gorillahand2Highlighter 1 Highlighter 2Highlighter mark1Highlighter mark2Highlighter mark3Highlighter mark4b Highlighter mark5Highlighter mark6 Sticker coffee stain RedlampLeafs1Leafs2Sticker coffee steam blueSticker coffee steam grey Sticker effect bamWunderfrankSticker effect burpSticker effect whoosh2Sticker effect woosh Sticker effect zap Sticker moonpig Sticker pointing hand 1Sticker pointing hand 2Sticker pointing hand 3Sticker pointing hand 4 Sticker zipper h bobba lock Sticker zipper h end Sticker zipper h normal lock Sticker zipper h tile Sticker zipper v bobba lock Sticker zipper v end Sticker zipper v normal lock Sticker zipper v tile Vine1 Vine2

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