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Spend a romantic evening in a Venetian cityscape. Build your very own Gondola and ride off into the sunset.

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"Gondolas and Canals" was originally released into the hotel February 2013 as part of the Valentines holiday. It is based on Italy's Gondolas that ride around the canals of its famous cities, such as Venice.

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Gondola Back Gondola Back small - Gondola Front Gondola Front small - Gondola Middle Gondola Middle smalls Gondola Middle Seat Gondola MiddleSeat small

Gondola Post Gondola Post small - Venetian Building VenetianBuilding small - Venetian Building VenetianBuilding2 small - Venetian Building Block VenetianBuildingBlock small

Venetian Divider (Stone) VenetianDivider small - Venetian Divider Corner (Stone) VenetianDividerCorner small - Venetian Wall VenetianWall small

Venetian Wall VenetianWall2 small - Venetian Wall VenetianWall3 small - Venetian Water VenetianWater small

An example of a room made with the 2013 Valentines day furniture.

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