What lurks beneath the still, dark surface... create your own underworld with these haunted classics.

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Prices for future reference
Black Gothic Chair - 8C
Black Gothic Sofa - 6C
Black Gothic Stool - 4C
Gothic Chair Blue - 10C
Gothic Sofa Blue - 7C
Gothic Stool Blue - 5C
Gothic Chair Green - 10C
Gothic Sofa Green - 7C
Gothic Stool Green - 5C
Cobbled Path - 4C
Floor Hatch - 5C
Gothic Bed - 12C
Gothic Candelabra - 8C
Gothic Candles - 2C
Gothic Desk - 5C
Gothic Drinking Fountain - 8C
Gothic Portcullis - 8C
Gothic Railing - 8C
Gothic Stained Glass - 5C

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