The Improvement Drive is a project that was started by wiki admins. The ultimate goal is to improve certain areas of the wiki faster and more efficently by encouraging the community to collaborate on these areas as a whole. This helps improve the wiki much faster and makes the wiki a better resource for anything Habbo-related.


At random times, a new set of articles in need of attention will be posted through...

  • This page,
  • A forum post that will be highlighted for all users to see.

Any article that is marked for the improvement drive will be marked with this template:

Frank 15

This article could use some help!
It has been selected for the Improvement Drive for the following reasons, which need resolved: Reason.

You can also find articles marked for the improvement drive at this page: Category:Improvement Drive. An article may remain on the Improvement Drive if the admins feel it still needs work done on it.

The articles

The current articles marked for the improvement drive are:

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