If you are reporting vandalism, click this link.

Welcome to Habbo Wiki's Report Vandalism page! This page is here to help combat vandalism on articles. This page is monitored by administrators who read vandalism reports, deal with the vandal, and revert their bad edits. Vandalism is a severe offence that could result in a block. Most vandalism on Habbo Wiki is fairly minor and there is usually at least one administrator online to easily deal with the vandal, but if you notice any severe vandalism on articles, please report the article and the name of the offending user or IP address on the Reports page.

What should be reported

  • Blanking a page or section.
  • Deliberately inserting obvious false information.
  • Posting offensive material, including images and video.
  • Contributing nonsense (e.g. "omg i love habbo lolol add me plz") and spam.
  • Personal attacks on users.
  • Content which goes against the Wiki Policies or Habbo Way, or encourages breaking either ruleset.
    • Illegal content, including distribution of pornography, drugs, or weapons.
  • Advertising (other than the websites listed in articles under "External Links" or "References")
  • Impersonation of another user.
  • Abuse of templates, including removing and inserting unnecessary templates.

Note: If the vandal you are reporting happens to be an administrator or bureaucrat, please report the user to another administrator instead of this page. A list can be found here.

What should not be reported

  • Articles about players, except in cases of repeated articles (these should be requested for deletion).
  • Discussions in which differing opinions are being debated.
  • Edit wars (these should be requested for protection, however if the edits are vandalism, then it should be reported).
  • Non-English content. These should be moved toward a non-English sister wiki.
  • Incorrect information added to articles when the contributor is not aware of them being incorrect.


If you feel you have been wrongly accused of vandalism, you must leave a comment on your talk page. Comments will be read by an administrator.

Reporting vandalism

Click here to create a report.