Thank you for your interest in becoming an admin at Habbo Wiki! Admins are trusted editors with access to extra tools mainly used to help maintain the wiki.

Applicants must meet be able to meet these requirements:

  • Be a registered user for at least one month
    • In some cases, if your edit history is exceptional, you are are able to omit this criteria (based on an admin's judgement)
  • Have at least 100 edits with no history of vandalism
  • Have a good knowledge in Habbo
  • Able to use basic and advanced wiki syntax
  • Able to use the 3 basic admin tools (delete, move, and block)

To apply, go here: HabboWiki:Requests for Adminship/Apply

After you've sent your application, one of the admins will read over it and decide if you will be granted adminship. A message will be left in your talk page if you have been accepted or declined. If you've been accepted, you will be given adminship immediately. If you have been declined, however, a reason as to why you've been declined will be stated. If you are able to fix the missing criteria, you may apply one more time and have a second shot at becoming an admin.

  • If you are declined adminship but have a fairly good application, you may still be eligible to receive rollback rights.

Good luck to all applicants!

For past applications, Click here: HabboWiki:Requests for adminship/Archive

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