Templates are used to duplicate the same content across more than one page. Changing a template in one place will immediately propagate the changes to all the pages that use It.

This page lists templates of this wiki. You can even create a template, just as long as you are sure it will be used on many pages or will benefit the wiki in some way. For more information on templates, check out Wikipedia's template page or Wikimedia's template page. For a simple version of the help page check out this: Template/How.

A list of all HabboWiki templates is available at All pages (Template namespace). For a list of templates, see this page. Unused templates can be found at Special:Unusedtemplates.

To insert a template into a page, type {{TemplateName}} (this is known as a tag) somewhere on the page, whether it be at the top or at the bottom or in a certain section. Every page with that tag in it will display the template text. TemplateName is the name after the colon symbol, (e.g. the TemplateName for Template:Delete is Delete, so typing {{Delete}} will add that tag to a page).

See HabboWiki:Template/How for information on how to make a template.

List of templates

  • For templates used on image pages, click here.
  • For templates used on articles, click here.
  • For templates used on editor talk pages, click here.

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