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The Userboxes section is coming soon. To read more about this project, see: Userboxes/Project.

How to Use

To add a userbox to your HabboWiki:User page, simply find it in the links below and then copy the code onto your user page. Whoever visits your user page will see that infobox on it. Example, placing {{Userbox/Banned}} on your user page will add this to it:

LockThis user has been banned from Habbo

Userbox Archive (Links Under Construction)

  • Locations - Userboxes on the country you reside in.
  • Opinions - Userboxes on opinions on Habbo, HabboWiki, and general thoughts.
  • Random and Funny -Humorous Userboxes.
  • Other - Userboxes that have no other place to belong.
  • Official Habbo Badges - Userboxes on the badges in Habbo.

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