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Prior to its removal in November 2011, furni was a benefit from purchasing Habbo Club. A new item would be rewarded for every month of membership, up until the very end of HC. This is the detailed list of HC furni.

Retro Furni

Name Images Description(s) Gift Order Dimensions
Club Sofa Club Sofa Club Sofa 1 (First ever month only) 1x2 (2 sit)
Mega TV set Tv Forget plasma, go HC! 2 1x2 (2 sit)
Tubmaster Tub Time for a soak 3 1x2 (2 sit)
Antique Drapery Curtain Topnotch privacy protection 4 1x2 (gate)
Mochamaster Mocca Wake up and smell it! 5 1x1 (vending)
Persian Carpet Carpet Ultimate craftsmanship 6 3x5
Dicemaster DM Click and roll! 7 1x1 (randomizer)
Retro Wall Lamp Lamp Tres chic! 8 (wall)
Imperial Teleport {2 Given} Imperial Let's go over tzar! 9 1x1 (teleport)
HC Roller {5 Given} Hc rllr High class transportation 10 1x1 (roller)
Throne sofa Throne sofa For royal bottoms... 11 1x2 (2 sit)
Medieval Bookcase Bookshelves For the scholarly ones 12 1x4
Oil lamp Oil Be enlightened 13 1x1
Drinks Trolley Trolley For swanky dinners only 14 1x2
Nordic Table Nordic Perfect for banquets 15 1x3
Weird Science Machine Machine By and for mad inventors 16 1x3
Majestic Chair Majestic Royal comfort 17 1x1 (sit)
X-Ray Divider Rontgen Believe it or not! 18 1x2
Study desk Desk For Habbo scholars 19 1x2
The Grammophone Djset Very old skool scratch'n'spin 20 1x3
Victorian Street Lamp Victorian Street Light Somber and atmospheric 21 1x1
Heavy Duty Fireplace Fireplaceff Pixel-powered for maximum heating 22 1x3
Electronic Butler Butler Your personal caretaker 23 1x1 (vending)

Buyable by Habbo Club members only

  • All furni is still tradeable by all players.
Name Images Description(s) Notes Dimensions
HC Chair Armchair Sit back in luxury! 1x1 (sit)
HC Table Table Perfect for mocktails and champagne 1x2
HC Shelf Bookshelvesggg Shelving for style conscious Habbos 1x2
HC Stool Stool Style is in the details 1x1 (sit)
HC Sofa Sofaff Stylish leisure 1x2 (sit)
HC Minibar HC minibar Classy drink for a classy Habbo 1x1 (vending)
HC Divider Screen Classy room divition 1x2
HC Corner Cornerscreen Round off your corner in style 1x1

Furni after VIP update (now VIP only)

Hc2 clubtitle
Name Images Description(s) Months needed to unlock Dimensions
Leather Sofa Hc2 sofa Stylish Seating 1 1x2 (2 sit)
Glass Table Hc2 table Make a statement 1 2x2
Black Lamp VIP Lamp Sophisticated Lighting 2 1x1
Service Trolley Hc2 cart Butler not included 3 1x1
Black Vase Hc2 vase Elegantly shaped 4 1x1
Black Divider Hc2 divider Divide the wealth 5 2x1
Trendy Rug Hc2 carpet Luxurious comfort 6 2x3
Leather Duvan Hc2 divan Stretch Out 7 2x1 (sleep)
Expresso Machine Hc2 coffee Morning Glory 8 1x1 (vending)
Suave Fireplace Hc2 frplc Roaring Success 9 1x2
Leather Bar Stool Hc2 barchair Sit Up High 10 1x1 (sit)
Leather Arm Chair Hc2 armchair Relax in style


1x1 (sit)


  • Instead of having a 'show' on, opposed to the other kinds of TVs in Habbo, the "HC TV" allows for one or two people to go inside the TV. This has made the TV Popular for role-play. The TV also has an On/Off feature, allowing the screen to turn black (off) or transparent green (on). This furni could allow costume change and movement, without your audience seeing.

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