Habbo Council

The Habbo Council group in Habbo.

The Habbo Council was a special group of experienced Habbo's made up by then CEO of Sulake Paul LaFontaine, and then staff Puffin. The group was randomly picked from a selection of about 500 Habbos.


The Habbo Council's purpose was to help users that were permanently banned, try to get unbanned by pleading their case to a council member (Note: Only users that were banned between March 12 - 25, 2012 were helped). 


Yammer was the name of the communication system Habbo Council members used during the period of time they worked.

Habbo Council Members

  • -Sno
  • 650c
  • Axiv
  • Barry
  • CJVX
  • Deegers
  • Ekelektra
  • God
  • Habtaz
  • J-Raviv
  • Jaked-up
  • Kurth
  • Moffins
  • Nimidoji
  • Salukorana
  • Samanfa
  • Storking
  • Valrulz
  • Varnius

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