The Habbo Exchange Tax is a tax affecting Habbo Exchange. This update was implemented on March 2, 2010 [1]. The only Habbo Exchange item this didn't affect was the Platinum Bar.

How it works

Before the update, players were able to buy Habbo Exchange for the price that it redeems. For example. a Bronze Coin costed 1 credit, a Silver Coin was 5 credits, and so on.

As of March 2, 2010, players must pay 1 extra coin to buy Habbo Exchange. The new pricing is as follows:

Because of the new tax, players wanting to buy Habbo Exchange must have at least 1 extra coin in order to afford it.


The tax has received very high criticism by the majority of the community, saying it is pointless buying Habbo Exchange if you needed to pay 1 extra coin. Many groups have been created to "boycott" this tax; some of those groups has reached over 1000 members.[2]



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