Habbo Idol is a user-moderated game. It is based on the television show Pop Idol. The main objective of this game is to become the last person standing in a "singing" competition.


Habbo Idol has the same format as it's real world likenesses, the Idol series.


Setup begins with 3 judges, most likely including the host. These people will determine who moves on to the next round.

Audition Stage

Most games begin with the auditions. Players await their turn to audition. During the audition, the player will "sing" the lyrics to a chosen song. Most games judge on the following criteria:

  1. Spelling - How well the contestant spells the lyrics
  2. Speed - How fast the contestant sings the lyrics
  3. Accuracy - Are the lyrics correct? Are there capitals, periods?

The judges will decide whether or not the player moves on by voting. When a player is accepted, they will usually sit in an area until the next round.

Hollywood Week

Once the auditions are over, the game moves into Hollywood Week. Players continue singing and the number of players is cut in half.


During the finals, the players will continue singing and more players are eliminated until one person is left standing and crowned the winner. Most games play for a small prize, rights, and a chance to judge in the next game

Several Badges from Habbo Idol

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