The News Tablet.

The Habbo News, is a daily - weekly updated newsletter that is written by Habbo Staff and usually informs users about current events and competitions going on inside Habbo. It is found on the community tab on the Me Page.


The "News Tablet", is a feature installed during New Habbo. It allows players to read published news articles from inside the client, without having to go to the community page on the website. It can be accessed with the ":news" command (Simply type :news into the chat bar).


The news is usually used to inform users about current events happening in Habbo. It is updated by staff who write the articles themselves and who sign it at the bottom of each article (holiday related articles may be an exception).


Each articles usually features the following:

  • Images
  • Comments
  • Polls (on special occasions)
  • Social Media buttons (Facebook "Like" and Twitter "Tweet")


  • The news stopped being updated after The Great Mute. But a few months later in 2013 it was again told to users that the news would start to be updated again and the ":news" command in Habbo would once again work.

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