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The final site.

Habbo Russia
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Habbo Russia is a closed hotel.

Current Site

At the moment, when accessing any URL to, you will get an image of Frank and the construction worker talking.

The conversation

Frank: О нет! Habbo-отель исчез! (O no! Habbo Hotel has disappeared!) Construction Worker: Успокойся, Франк. Мы просто кое-что ремонтируем в отеле. Поэтому нам нужно было его закрыть. Скоро отель откроется. Может, выпьешь пока чайку с пирогом? (Calm down Frank. We are just repairing something in the hotel and that is why we needed to close it. The hotel will open soon. In the mean time you can drink some tea and have some pie.)

Staff Members

Laila - Hotel Manager lol i love habbo and russians


  • is being planned to reopen "In good time
  • Russian users received a voucher code for lost credits.

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