Habbo Turkey
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Active or Moved? Habbo Turkey is active.
Date Opened August 8th, 2012
Date Closed
Language(s) Hosted Turkish
Managed by? Istanbul
Notable Features
Habbo Turkey is the Turkish branch of Habbo Hotel. It opened to users on August 8, 2012, having many members from aroung the globe signing up. The hotel is managed by Istanbul.

Problems with access

  • Habbo Staff were not happy that there were more users who were not Turkish on the hotel than there was Turkish users, so they added a GeoIP block from all countries accessing Habbo Turkey except Turkish users. This demonstrates the first time in history that a hotel was restricted to only those living in that region.
    Habbo turkey landing page

    The landing page of Habbo Turkey translated from Turkish into English. The difference in design suggests a redesign of other landing pages.

  • You can use a proxy from the Turkish region to access this hotel. Although, for security, many proxies have Flash disabled for security, a requirement to access the hotel.
  • Due to Habbo using GeoIP filtering, users who do in fact speak Turkish from other states than Turkey are not able to access the site.

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